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Tidewater Trader focuses on satisfying clients through great customer service and creating advertising tailored to generate results, through an interesting, upbeat community weekly publication. Share what you like about Tidewater Trader here.

Read what customers and faithful readers say about Tidewater Trader.

Shirley Foster, Chestertown, MD

"I love Tidewater Trader! So much information – I look forward to picking it up every week! Never miss getting one, and I love the puzzles also!"

Kathy Bozarth, Sudlersville, MD

"I enjoy Tidewater Trader from Front Page to Back Page. There isn’t anything I don’t like about this paper. It keeps everyone who reads it up to date on the Community and surrounding areas. Thank You for an awesome paper!"

Christine and Robert Large, Shine Pro Cleaning . 410-708-5328 .

"We have been advertising with the Tidewater Trader for several years now! We have found that the reach and response to our ads have been great and George and the entire team have always been great to work with. Anytime we need to adjust our ad copy or design all we have to do is ask and within a short time, they will help to design the exact ad that you are looking for. We highly recommend the Tidewater Trader for your advertising needs!" 

Dave Moennich, Rock Hall, MD

"I always look forward to picking up the current issue of Tidewater Trader! It kind of ties together the coming days with local activities, and ads for goods and services that I need. It certainly unites the community here on the Shore. I’m a transplant from Baltimore County almost 20 years now (Rock Hall). The best move I’ve ever made. Tidewater Trader has the “friendly feel“ that I can appreciate, as with most people I’ve met and befriended. I’m told Carla has been at the helm for many years. Thanks to her and all the staff! I hope you all continue for a very long time and all my best to everyone there."

Lisa Boone, Church Hill, MD

"Tidewater Trader is the best paper around! I like Where’s Where the best. That is the first thing that I look at. I enjoy the recipes and all the local ads. This paper is awesome!"

Cindy Newsome, Sarah Paige Studio Salon, Chestertown, MD . 443-282-0092 .

"Tidewater Trader is our favorite source of print advertising. I am never disappointed in the feedback that we receive from our guests about the ads that we place with this community based publication. From the initial contact to the finished preview, this team of local professionals always performs. It is simply part of our monthly budget to use the ads to stay in touch with our guests with what is current and to reach out to invite new customers to experience what we most currently offer. Tidewater Trader is a 'Gem'."

Diana Nichols, Chestertown, MD

"I can not wait for Wednesday to come around for the Tidewater Trader. It is very informative on what is going on in the community and is great for people like me who need to find help for things that we can not do on our own. I would be lost without this paper. The staff is very helpful and kind when I call."

Natalie Lane, Chestertown, MD

"Tidewater Trader was the first magazine I picked up when I moved to Chestertown. It helped me find a place to live twice in the years I’ve been here! A wonderful resource for the community."

Suzanne Prentice, Still Pond, MD

"I always read the ads in the Tidewater Trader, especially when looking to hire someone. Over the years, I have come to appreciate the ease of use and the variety of advertisers available. I highly recommend that service folks and sellers put their word out for people to see what is in the community and to get the flavor of what’s out there."

Katherine Myers, The Guernsey Depot, Chestertown, MD . 410-708-8317 .

"Tidewater Trader has been a part of my life since I moved here many years ago. As a teen, I read the weekly horoscope and even would try some of the recipes from Who’s Cookin’ With Carla. As I have grown older, I always turn to the Trader for local numbers of businesses. Now that I have opened The Guernsey Depot, I know I can rely on them for my ads. Tidewater Trader has always been and is a great resource. Many thanks to their many years of continues support of our community."

Libby VanSant, Chestertown, MD

"I totally enjoy the Word Hunt… it helps strengthen my eyes and helps me focus. You never know what you will see in Tidewater Trader or what Dr. Truth is going to say…lol! I enjoy reading the Horoscopes and trying to figure out the Where’s Where."

Angela Washington, Middletown, DE

"As a new resident in Delaware, I found the publication to be an essential resource on pertinent information for the Delaware and Surrounding Areas. The plethora of business, employment, event, entertainment and services found in the paper are quite helpful and useful. For me, it’s a exceptionally beneficial periodical!!"

Nanny Porter, The Nearly New Shop, Chestertown, MD . 410-778-1781

“I have been dealing with the Tidewater Trader since becoming manager of the Nearly New Shop in 2019, and have found it to be so very friendly and helpful. I always look forward to hearing George Kennedy’s cheery voice on the other end of the phone reminding me that it’s time to write another ad. Tidewater Trader is a marvelous news media for the local area."

Curtis & Karen Biggs, Biggs Fuel Company, Galena, MD . 410-648-2056 .

"No matter how busy we are, we know how important it is to advertise. The Tidewater Trader staff is so helpful with their friendly reminders and excellent design staff. We all need to work together to keep our community strong."

Geraldine Munson, Chestertown, MD

"I’ve advertised in Tidewater Trader and received calls immediately - the day of the paper release - from people as far as New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Wilmington…The staff is very friendly and accessible."

Lisa Sewell, Chestertown, MD

"Don’t know where to start… It is one paper that I pickup on my way out the door of a store - love reading the ads, yardsales, employment, animals and so much more… 
If you have never grabbed one - see for yourself! Very informative and free to you!"

"Tidewater Trader works…pure and simple. I have never found a more efficient cost-effective publication. And certainly, NOT one as friendly and customer service oriented. One tip though-advertising takes time. It takes repetition for your advertisement to gain exposure and traction. Running an ad for 4 weeks is just common sense. If you are
not satisfied with the results, simply change it up for another 4 weeks."

Ralph Deaton, Chestertown, MD

"I enjoy Tidewater Trader very much and anticipate reading it each week and seeing what’s going on in the community.
I especially like all the different articles, the Word Hunt and the Horoscopes, and delight in sitting down with friends and sharing the paper together. I was the lucky winner in Tidewater Trader’s “Holiday Giveaway” and I love the 40 inch flat screen TV I won. I am looking forward to all the contests that are coming up this year in Tidewater Trader in celebration of the 40th Anniversary!"

Michele &  Steve Moon, Moon Air, Inc., Elkton, MD . 410-684-0050 .

"Tidewater Trader is the only print media we use (they are also online!). We have tried other publications with little or no results. We also advertise on TV, radio, and direct mail. The very best return on investment is consistently from
Tidewater Trader.

Katie Blaha, Queenstown, MD

"Tidewater Trader has been, and continues to be, an important (camouflage!) fabric in the telling of the eastern shore story. A true community, family, and regional publication that shares our shore’s stories by photos, quotes, recipes, and captivating articles of the happenings by our water - I always look forward to each issue with its local content and know it will continue to thrive the next 40 years!"

Toby Lloyd, Chestertown, MD

"Over 40 years Tidewater Trader has grown to an institution for our area. Stop, step backwards, pick up an issue and you’re on your way... how many times have we seen THAT happen!"

Anne Kendall, Chestertown, MD

"Congratulations on 40 years of having a unique community paper. I was surprisingly happy that I won Tidewater Traders April Giveaway. I will be sharing my array of gifts. It was welcoming to be greeted by friendly staff. Thank you to the generous donors!"

Anna Mae Dorsey, Chestertown, MD

"I enjoy doing the Word Hunt puzzles and checking for the church notices and yard sales in Tidewater Trader every week.
The monthly giveaway gifts and looking for the bird are encouraging to the readers. Thank you so much for the gifts I won in the January giveaway; Thank you for everything. May God bless all of you!"

Tom Schreppler, Schreppler Chiropractic Clinic, Chestertown, MD . 410-778-4696 .

"Tidewater Trader is unquestionably the best value for advertising in Kent and Queen Anne’s Counties. A decade of uninterrupted ads has kept my practice in the public eye. Thanks for everyone at Tidewater Trader."

Judith Thompson, Chestertown, MD

"I just want to thank everyone at Tidewater Trader for being so nice when I call to identify where the “Trader Bird” is found each week. I also want to thank everyone at Tidewater Trader and all the sponsors for my gifts when I won the prizes for the July giveaway. I particularly enjoy doing the Word Search puzzles. Congratulations to Tidewater Trader on 40 years of great community service."

Nick Fritz, Nick Works Trees, Chestertown, MD . 267-614-8374 .

"I have been advertising in Tidewater Trader for years. I am way overbooked and am having trouble handling the calls that I am receiving. Thank you for all you have done to help my business."

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